[Update] Version 0.0.4

For the Fantasy Console Game Jam, I decided to release more binaries to simplify the build step of PX8

So here you go with the ongoing development branch 0.0.4. I'm working on a way to automatically build a release for Windows/Linux/OSX, and to have more and new update.

2 videos to show you the ongoing audio API with classical music format (wav/mp3/...) and the new mode API to switch dynamically the resolution.


Windows x64 0.0.4 python version 4.7 MB
Jul 01, 2017
Windows x64 0.0.4 lua version 4.4 MB
Jul 01, 2017
OSX 0.0.4 2.4 MB
Jul 01, 2017
Raspberry Pi 3 0.0.4 2.8 MB
Jul 01, 2017

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