[DEV] PX8 update 0.0.5

I updated all versions with the latest push that I did.

For windows we have only one version right now that include python/lua plugins !

The main changements are:

  1. support of chiptune by using the engine in klystrack. So you can play any music or sound effects in your game
  2. add shortcuts (ctrl+c/v/x) to copy/paste/cut from the  gfx editor
  3.  add a fill option in the gfx editor


PX8 Windows 64 bits 0.0.5 (6 MB)
Version 1 10 days ago
PX8 OSX 0.0.5 (3 MB)
Version 4 10 days ago
PX8 Linux 64 bits 3 0.0.5 (3 MB)
Version 2 10 days ago
PX8 Linux Raspberry Pi 3 0.0.5 (3 MB)
Version 4 10 days ago

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