[DEV] Editor - Part 2

I updated a lot the editor with many features:

  • sprite(s) zoom in/out with Z key
  • sprite(s) rotation
  • sprites copy/paste (internally)
  • sprite(s) movement (with the key arrows)
  • sprite's flag modification
  • map zoom in/out with Z key

And now it is really super easy to switch to the map editor, add new sprites inside, and go back to the game (with F6). And since the editor is in rust, it will works with Python/Lua cartridge.

I updated all binaries and I added the linux x64 version too now.


px8-windows-x64-lua.zip (4 MB)
Version 4 14 days ago
px8-linux-x64.zip (3 MB)
Version 1 14 days ago
px8-windows-x64-python.zip (6 MB)
Version 3 14 days ago
px8-osx.zip (2 MB)
Version 3 14 days ago
px8-linux-rbpi3.zip (3 MB)
Version 3 14 days ago

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