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I'm using Butler to manage files on itch, so it will be easier and more transparent to push new update.

Otherwise I'm working on a new version with directly the editor in Rust rather than Python. I did it in Python originally to test the engine to see if it works :) But well, now a pure implementation will be a good choice.

I'm also working on a chiptune audio support, like prototracker, with different format support like MOD and MML. I'm also thinking about adding directly the scripting language (Python/Lua) directly in the public repository and to not depends on third party. It will allow me to do directly internal modification.


px8-windows-x64-python.zip (6 MB)
Version 1 25 days ago
px8-windows-x64-lua.zip (4 MB)
Version 2 25 days ago
px8-osx.zip (2 MB)
Version 1 25 days ago
px8-linux-rbpi3.zip (3 MB)
Version 1 25 days ago

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