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8-bit Fantasy Console
[DEV] PX8 update 0.0.5
I updated all versions with the latest push that I did. For windows we have only one version right now that include python/lua plugins ! The main changements ar...
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[DEV] Chiptune
In the last commit I added the support of an existing chiptune: klystron . It is clearly an awesome news and it will allow us to do much more things. Right now...
[DEV] Editor - Part 2
I updated a lot the editor with many features: sprite(s) zoom in/out with Z key sprite(s) rotation sprites copy/paste (internally) sprite(s) movement (with the...
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[DEV] Editor - Part1
Recently, I was working on a major modification in the console: the editor. Previously I did it in Python to test the engine but it is fairly linked to Python s...
[DEV] Ghostmark
Hi, recently I saw this cartridge from Jed, inspired from BunnyMark to do a benchmark. So I decided to check what could be the results of the console without an...
[DEV] Update
Hi, I'm using Butler to manage files on itch, so it will be easier and more transparent to push new update. Otherwise I'm working on a new version with directly...
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